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Dealing with Cerebral Palsy


Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood.] Signs and symptoms vary among people and over time. Often, symptoms include poor coordination, stiff muscles, weak muscles, and tremors. There may be problems with sensation, vision, hearing, swallowing, and speaking. While symptoms may get more noticeable over the first few years of life, underlying problems do not worsen over time.

Dedicated therapy can influence the child’s Quality of Life. A program of exercising with an APT can improve the motor disorder by reducing muscle tone and with active training can build muscle strength to improve walking capabilities.

Improving the Quality of Life (QOL) of children with CP

While there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, the QOL can improve with professional therapy using specialized device. The APT is an excellent whole-body training device that can be used by children and adolescents for a wide variety of therapy training.

A daily program of exercise with the APT at home can fill an important role in improving the QOL. The continued use of the APT can include the following:

  • Improve Motor Coordination
  • Reduce Spasms
  • Better Balance and walking control
Aerobic training recommendation*, perform 2-4 days per week
  1. Start with five minutes of low-intensity cycling.
  2. Cycle for 20 minutes, moderate intensity (11-14 on the Borg RPE**).
  3. Finish with five minutes of low-intensity cycling.

*Please consult your physician or physical therapist prior to training.

The Home Trainer for Active or Passive Rehabilitation

The Active Passive Trainer (APT) is a family of unique exercise rehabilitation trainers for upper or lower limbs. The APT offers benefits that rehabilitation professionals expect from a medical device that is quality engineered and FDA and CE registered. The APT is commonly used in physiotherapy clinics in the USA and around the world and over the years  multiple clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of the trainer.

The wide range of exercise options makes the APT suitable for use by the healthy and independent senior citizen for the maintenance of fitness and physical well-being, and also for the physically impaired of all ages, as part of a planned rehabilitation program and as a supplement to physiotherapy.

The Active Passive Trainer has been in use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers for over 25 years and is now available for home use so that you can continue your rehabilitation, without having to leave your home.

For less than the price of a coffee a day, you can own a personal medical trainer to be used in the comfort and safety of your own home, away from the crowds, and continue your rehabilitation at your own pace.


Clinical Brochure

Download our brochure today and show it to your healthcare provider or physiotherapist. It has information that they will find useful in helping devise a rehabilitation or exercise program for you.

Contact us now to speak with a rehab/exercise specialist

    What CP patients, their parents and therapists are saying

    I find using the APT passive mode with my legs and active mode with my arms, gives me a real full body workout.


    My daughter has used her APT nearly every day since we purchased it over two years ago.


    Cycling is an excellent tool for improving children with CP spasms. The beauty of the APT is that it is multi-functional, so we can use it with many of our patients in our clinic.

    The APT was recommended by my son’s therapist. We purchased one and have been using it now for over three years. There is a significant improvement in his quality of life.

    I am 10 years old and I love cycling and doing arm exercises at home.

    The APT is an important device for improving the children’s motor capabilities in our daycare center.

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